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Eugenie Voitkevich, Esq., Secures Verdict on behalf of Kazakhstan Consumer for Violations of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

9/17/14. Elizabeth, NJ. On September 11, 2014, a Union County, New Jersey, jury awarded a consumer from Kazakhstan $39,420 in damages in a case he filed in the New Jersey Superior Court against an Elizabeth-based car dealer, a car dealer’s corporate officer, and an employee. Hon. Alan G. Lesnewich, J. S. C, who presided at trial, trebled Plaintiff’s damages, in accordance with the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, which resulted in the final award of $118,260. The plaintiff was represented by Eugenie A.Voitkevich, Esq.

The plaintiff testified at trialthat in May 2011, he found a car (2006 Infinity) on the dealer’s website online,as listed for sale. The plaintiff testified that the car was listed as locatedat the dealer’s warehouse in Finland. The plaintiff further testified that when he asked a company employee about a delivery time to Kazakhstan, the employee replied via email that the car could be delivered within 20 days. After the plaintiff paid in full for the car and delivery, and the car was not delivered within 20 days, he demanded his money back. Plaintiff testified that he never received his money back. According to some testimony, obtained at trial, the subject car was subsequently sold to someone else in the United States.

The plaintiff, who came to New Jersey to participate in trial, demanded compensation under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The plaintiff requested the full reimbursement of the money he paid for the vehicle ($24,420). In addition, the plaintiff testified that because of the defendants’ actions, he lost an opportunity to bring a car to Kazakhstan at a substantially lower customs duty rate and demanded reimbursement for such loss.

“This case is a great example that the civil justice system and trial by jury do work in New Jersey. The Consumer Fraud Act is powerful law, and consumers worldwide deserve its protection — if a New Jersey-based merchant violates the law and if the purchase is connected to New Jersey. Shopping for merchandise in New Jersey, even when a customer is not physically present here, should be fair to everyone,” stated Eugenie Voitkevich.

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